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  • EPC 14$
  • 转化率 2.22%
    转化率 - 产生行为的客户人数 / 所有到达网站的访客人数
  • 48小时的转化率 2.43%
  • Approval rate 96.18%
    The ratio of confirmed actions to the total number of actions.
  • Cookie有效期 30
  • Avg. hold time 40
  • 支付的平均时间 40


请注意! Codes and links will become available after you join the selected ad space to this program.



"Dynamic ads" tool shows ads for Aliexpress products to the users based on their browsing behavior on AliExpress.com and the content of your website, so that a users see ads for only those products that they are interested in. Such targeting helps to increase the click-through rate of your ad and thus your reward. You can find more information about this tool in Help center.


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SHEIN Many GEOs is a participant of Dragon Boat Festival 2020!

Pay attention to countries which we deliver to.

Find TOP-sale products here.

Exclusive terms: up to 11% remuneration!

We ask you to use the ad space and promotional methods that are mentioned in your account for the moment of applying to the program. Otherwise, you might be suspended at any time.

Please make sure that you do not use TM for bidding. Only these combinations for coupon sites are allowed:

Language 语种  code/coupon of different language
English 英语 coupon coupons code codes
Arabic 阿语 كوبون كوبونات رمز رموز
Russian 俄语 Купон Купоны Код Коды
French 法语 coupon coupons code codes
Italian 意大利语 coupon coupons codice codici
German 德语 Gutsсhein Gutsсheine Code Codes
Spanish 西语 cupón cupones código códigos
Traditional Chinese 繁体 優惠券 優惠碼 優惠券 優惠碼
Thai 泰语 คูปอง คูปอง โค้ด โค้ด
Indonesian 印尼语 kupon kupon-kupon kode kode-kode
Dutch 荷兰语 De bon De Bonnen kortingscode kortingscodes
Turkish 土耳其语 kupon Kuponlar Kod  Kodlar
Portuguese 葡萄牙语 cupão cupões código códigos
Vietnamese 越南语 Phiếu giảm giá Phiếu giảm giá

SHEIN is one of the leading online stores boasting high quality clothes and other fashionable accessories since 2008.We carry a wide array of the hottest styles of tops, bottoms, dresses, jewelry, and accessories. We are supported through a network of fans from the hottest street-shot sites. Over 2 million items in stock with 500 new arrivals per day! Our customers love our fashion, but they also rely on our customer-focused policies and pricing. 

Publishers' advantages:

  • Profitable commission for made sale!
  • Loyalty bonus scheme!
  • Weekly refresh of ads!
  • Promo codes and discounts are always free for you in the system!
  • On time repayments!


It is not allowed to use SHEIN logo as the profile picture and write SHEIN in the bio in the name of SHEIN official (for SMM publishers and publishers using app promotion)

Negative keywords list.

Please read it carefully to ensure that you understand the terms and conditions and reply to this message if you agree with them.
Our affiliates are allowed to use our TM (SHEIN)+coupon/code with the exact match format for bidding: [SHEIN coupon], [SHEIN code], [SHEIN coupon code], and [SHEIN code coupon] (all allowed translations could be found in the program’s catalogue). While TM directly or TM + any other keywords (like shein review, shein deal, shein discount, shein code discount and so on) are forbidden for sure.
In order to eliminate situations of bidding our brand, we have to take the following actions with those affiliates that violate our rules.
1.    Affiliates who violate our bidding policy will get the following punishment:
·      For the first time, the orders will be declined and the commission won’t be paid till the violation is removed. For example, if we find that a publisher bids with our brand on June 12, and removes ads on June 15, the commission of June 12-15 won’t be paid.
·      For the second time, the affiliates will get their commission decrease for 1 month and it will be resumed only if we don’t find any new cases of violation within this month. Also, the commission will be declined as in the first case.
·      For the third time, we will stop collaboration with the affiliates, and other networks will not accept their application of promotion as well. Also the commission will be declined as in the first case.
2.    Those affiliates won’t get any commission increase within 6 months after we find a violation.
We hope to collaborate with trust and respect, thank you!

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Is it allowed to use the advertiser’s company name as an ad keyword? (# brand_name) 禁止
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Is targeted advertising allowed on social media? 准许
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可以开代表网站主的社区马? 禁止
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弹出式窗口 禁止
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工具栏 禁止
成人 禁止
预热和横幅广告 准许
Youtube频道 准许

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