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Program ile çalışmaya ve kazanmaya başlamak için önce yayıncı hesabınız ile başvurmalısınız.

NordVPN is a trusted online security solution, used by over 1 million Internet users worldwide.

  • Military-grade encryption - NordVPN protects your Internet traffic with cutting-edge security technologies, ensuring strong and reliable encryption between your device and a VPN server. By default, NordVPN apps use the OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPSec protocols to guarantee the ultimate protection of your sensitive data.
  • CyberSec - The CyberSec feature automatically blocks suspicious websites so that no malware or other cyber threats can infect your device. It also secures your device from participating in DDoS attacks even if malware has already infected it. In addition, CyberSec prevents intrusive online ads from loading and slowing down your browser.
  • Secure streaming - NordVPN offers more than 4863 ultra-fast servers in 62 countries so that you can enjoy your streaming experience on any device, at any place and any time. With NordVPN, you don’t have to choose between entertainment and online security – you can have both at the same time.
  • Strict no-logs policy - NordVPN is based away from the EU and US jurisdictions and is not required to collect your personal data and information. That means nothing is recorded, monitored, stored, logged or passed to third parties. We cannot provide any details about your Internet activity even if you request it yourself. Why? Because we have nothing to provide.

Why join the NordVPN affiliate program?

  • High conversion rate - Our trusted brand & effective promo material means the traffic you send to NordVPN will convert!
  • We convert all geos & types of traffic - We take it all and convert into revenue for you. We offer global campaigns, so the world is your customer base.
  • Generous commissions - One of the highest commissions in the VPN market. Lifetime revenue share!

We assure 43.9% commissions for every new signup!

Join the NordVPN affiliate program and earn more with us!

Genel kurallar

Brand bidding is forbidden. Targeted advertising in social networks is forbidden. PopUp/ClickUnder, Adult traffic sources are forbidden.

Please add NordVPN* as an account-wide negative to all campaigns - brand bidding is strictly prohibited.

Any word combinations including the brand name NordVPN are prohibited for PPC activities: ['nord vpn coupons', 'nordvpn coupon', 'nordvpn coupon code', 'nordvpn coupon codes', 'nordvpn coupons', 'nordvpn deal', 'nordvpn deals', 'nordvpn discounts', 'nordvpn offer', 'nordvpn offers'].

Blacklisted keywords.

If it is determined that the Publisher traffic is in violation of any of the terms, any future commissions and current open orders from the Publisher will be rejected.

In case of any violation of rules all your open transactions will be rejected. 

Commission is paid only for new customers.


As an Affiliate, you shall ensure that all materials posted on your Media or otherwise used in connection with the Affiliate Program:

  1. comply with the requirements of applicable law and are not illegal,
  2. do not infringe any rights of third parties, including, without limitation, intellectual property, personality, publicity rights,
  3. do not contain ethically unacceptable content, creative materials or copy (including, but not limited to, keywords, terms, metatags, descriptions, web designs, etc.),
  4. do not contain, create, promote or link to any content which is in any way deceptive, misleading, and does not represent actual and accurate information about Nord and it’s products or services,
  5. do not contain, create, promote or link to any material which is harmful, threatening, defamatory, obscene, sexually explicit, harassing, promotes violence, discrimination (whether based on sex, religion, race, ethnicity, nationality, disability or age), illegal activities (such as gambling), contains profanity, and/or do not otherwise contain any material which, as informed by Nord to you, Nord considers objectionable (collectively, “Objectionable Content”)

As an Affiliate, you should make sure that your Media does not copy or resemble the look, feel and/or trade-dress of the Program Website or create the impression that you or your Media is part of or endorsed by Nord or Client, or is a part of the Program Website, without prior written permission from us.

As an Affiliate you shall:

  1. always prominently post and make available to any visitors of your websites and/or users of your Media (“your end-users”), including prior to the processing of any personal data and/or other personally identifiable information, a privacy policy in compliance with all applicable laws that clearly and thoroughly discloses all personal data processing and information collection, use and sharing practices. Also, obtain informed, unambiguous, specific and freely given consent from your end-users, if necessary, in accordance with applicable law, for the use of cookies and/or the collection and processing of their information;
  2. always prominently post and make available to your end-users any terms and conditions in connection with the Offer set forth by Nord or Client, or as required by applicable law regarding such Offers;
  3. make sure to not place Nord ads on any online auction platform (including, but not limited to, eBay, Amazon, etc.).




When participating in our Affiliate Program, you may not use for selling or promoting Nord’s products or services any spamming methods, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Email SPAM: sending unsolicited marketing email. However, you may send emails to people who have given you consent to send them marketing emails for products and services similar to Nord products. In any case, sending of emails shall comply with legal requirements of applicable laws (including, but not limited to, privacy laws).
  • Short texts SPAM: sending unsolicited short texts to the cell phones without the permission of the user of the cell phone and/or otherwise in violation of applicable laws (including but not limited to, U.S. Telephone Consumers Protection Act, EU General Data Protection Regulation, etc.).
  • Comment SPAM: posting Links on blogs, message boards and forums in cases where the discussion or content is not related to the services we offer. However, you may advertise your Link on websites which are discussing VPN/proxy services or in a forum signature. You should never use automated bots to post comments containing your Affiliate Link.
  • Black Hat techniques: using “Black hat” SEO marketing on your website, such as keyword stuffing, invisible text or doorway pages; Incentives: offering incentives to users such as cash back or other rewards, except where facilitated by features on our websites.

In the event of a breach of the requirements of this Clause, Nord reserves the right to terminate cooperation and/or place restrictions, suspend or delete your ad space, including but not limited to, withholding all sums within your Affiliate account.

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