Партнёрская программа MandM Direct UK

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  • EPC 5€
    EPC — средний заработок сo 100 переходов
  • CR 3.43%
    CR — конверсия, отношение действий к переходам
  • CR за 48 часов 1.25%
    Среднее отношение действий к переходам за последние 48 часов.
  • Подтверждается 93.23%
    Процент подтвержденных действий от общего кол-ва действий.
  • PostClick cookie 30 дней
    Время, на которое пользователь будет привязан к программе после перехода по баннеру.
  • Средн. обработка 105 дней
    Среднее время, за которое рекламодатель подтверждает или отклоняет действия.
  • Среднее время оплаты 113 дня
    Среднее время, за которое рекламодатель подтверждает и оплачивает действия.

Рекламные материалы

Внимание! Коды и ссылки будут доступны после начала сотрудничества выбранной площадки с данной программой.


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Dynamic ads показывает пользователям рекламные объявления с товарами Aliexpress, основываясь на их поведении на AliExpress.com и контенте вашего сайта. Таким образом, пользователь видит объявления только с теми товарами, которые ему интересны. Такое таргетирование помогает увеличить кликабельность вашей рекламы и, соответственно, ваше вознаграждение. Более подробную информацию об этом инструменте можно найти в Центре помощи.

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На данной странице вы можете осуществить выгрузку оригинального каталога товаров рекламодателя. Ссылки в товарах заменены на deeplink, также добавлено время последнего изменения товара.

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Информация о программе

Почему admitad:

  • подробная статистика и полезные инструменты,
  • экспресс-выплаты без комиссии,
  • многообразие партнёрских программ,
  • доверие 735656 веб-мастеров,
  • ещё многое-многое другое.

Эта партнёрская программа является частью сети admitad

Для того, чтобы начать сотрудничество с программой и зарабатывать, вам нужно сперва зарегистрироваться в системе.

Looking for your favorite brand of clothing, shoes, and accessories for unbeatable low prices? Then you are at the right address! Here at MandM Direct, we strive to find the best deals for your favorite brands.

We, at MandM Direct, are proud to be different. We always offer big brands for low prices, from fashion, trendy styles to sports essentials - we praise ourselves for our huge collection of the best quality items from big brands for the whole family. Unlike other online retailers, we do not work with discount codes and promotions, but simply your favorite brands with a discount of up to 75% on the recommended retail price.

1.53% for returning customers under £75

2.3% for returning customers over £75

7.6% for new customers

Average 3.81%

Общие правила


Please note our PPC Policy:

Please be advised that ‘Brand Name Bidding’ restrictions apply to the MandM Direct programme. Affiliates are kindly requested not to bid on brand name terms, derivations or misspellings including but not isolated to:

M and M Direct

M and M


MandM Direct








No affiliates are allowed to have adverts appear for searches on these terms. To avoid broad match issues please include restricted terms as negative phrase keywords in all your PPC campaigns for MandM Direct.

We do not allow direct linking in any form through search engines and do not permit the use of the display URL. We do not permit affiliates of use misspellings of mandmdirect.com as a direct URL.

Affiliates found bidding on restricted terms or obtaining misspellings of the mandmdirect.com URL may have pending transactions cancelled or face temporary/ permanent suspension from the programme

Please add these keywords to your negative keyword list to prevent them displaying in error. Directly linking through to the mandmdirect.com site is forbidden.

Brand Embargo

All Publishers who join the programme must adhere to the following policy; use of brand names: ‘Superdry’, ‘Fred Perry’, ‘Havaianas’, ‘Lyle & Scott’ and ‘Animal’ is strictly prohibited in any context, this includes, but is not limited to the referral to the brands via Copy, Title Tags, Meta-descriptions or URL’s. It is MandM Direct policy to respect strict brand guidelines and act to suspend any associated publishers from the programme who breach these rules.


Copy and content policy

You are not permitted to change any copy or content supplied by mandmdirect.com, unless consent is given.

Graphical elements

Banners are designed specifically for the affiliate programme, and are updated regularly. If these banners do not fit in with your site designed, bespoke banners can be created by our in-house creative team. You may create your own banners; however these banners need to be submitted to mandmdirect.com for approval. Please do not use a banner until you have received sign-off from mandmdirect.com.

Email policy

MandM Direct is actively working to prevent email ‘spam’ and therefore you’re not permitted to send any unsolicited email (“spam”) under this affiliate programme. This is extended to include all forms of spam including blog comment spamming.

Voucher codes policy

We do not offer the functionality for any voucher codes to be used on our site and reserve the right to ask any unsolicited voucher codes from being advertised by our affiliates.

Please note

Any affiliates found to be breaking these terms and conditions will be removed from the mandmdirect.com affiliate programme and any due commissions set to zero. All pending sales will also be deleted. In addition, MandM Direct Limited reserves the right to take legal action to protect its rights and obligations.


The transaction value that commissions are paid on do not include VAT/sales tax

The transaction value that commissions are paid on do not include delivery charges

The transaction value that commissions are paid on does not include credit card fees

The transaction value that commissions are paid on do not include fit wrapping or other service charges.

Commissions are paid out on all products/product categories.

Reasons for commissions being declined:

Order Cancelled

Item was returned

Customer failed credit check

Breach of programme terms and conditions

Duplicate Order

Item was out of stock

Other – discount codes not provided via Affiliate Channel.

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