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  • EPC 4€
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  • CR 0.66%
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  • CR for 48 hours 0.00%
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  • Approval rate 97%
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  • Cookie lifetime 30 days
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  • Avg. hold time 105 days
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  • Average payment time 105 days
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The Bouqs Company is an online flower delivery service that delivers flowers fresh from eco-friendly, sustainable farms around the world to doorsteps nationwide. Headquartered in Venice, CA, The Bouqs Company connects farms and a curated network of artisan florists directly to consumers, and disrupts the traditional supply chain by eliminating overhead costs like warehouses, importers, distributors, auctioneers and more. In turn, this model enables a superior product and redefines the experience and economics for both consumers and producers alike.

Default Commission Rate: 10% 



Terms and Conditions:

Brand bidding and TM+ are prohibited on the program.

· NO TM bidding. Bidding on the brand name or any derivation including trademark plus bidding or any misspellings of the brand name thereof is strictly prohibited on all Pay-Per-Click platforms and search engines including, but not limited to Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Some terms included, but not limited to are:



the bouqs



www the bouqs com

www thebouqs com

the bouqs apologies

the bouqs big moments

the bouqs birthday

the bouqs coupon

the bouqs discount

the bouqs flowers

the bouqs hydrangea

the bouqs lilies

the bouqs love

the bouqs offers

the bouqs official

the bouqs promo,

the bouqs promotional code

the bouqs roses

the bouqs sale

the bouqs shop

the bouqs sympathies

Or any variation thereof.

Suggested Keywords:

Flowers, roses, Ranunculus, Calla Lilies, Matthiola Incana, birthday flowers, flower bouquet, bouquet, Gerbera Daisies, Lisianthus flowers, spider poms, Lillium Orienta, carnations, sunflowers, succulent, wild flowers, mixed flowers, delivery, valentine's day, sympathy, gifts, gift, thank you, apology, love, lilies, hydrangea, wedding, engagement, Flowers delivery, flowers shop, flowers near me, flowers near me delivery, flowers happy birthday, bouquet of roses, bouquet for men, prom, bouquet for prom, mother's day, mother's day gifts

Restricted Keywords:

no TM Bidding, bouq, bouqsthe bouqs, the, thebouqs,, www the bouqs com, www thebouqs com,, the bouqs apologies, the bouqs big moments, the bouqs birthday, the bouqs coupon, the bouqs discount, the bouqs flowers, the bouqs hydrangea, the bouqs lilies,

· Retargeting Sites. We do not allow any retargeting sites.


· Coupon/Voucher/Offer Code Policy: Affiliates may only promote codes that are provided through the Network. Please note that sales containing a code that is not listed within network will be subject to commission reversals.

· Affiliates must use the most up to date creative to promote. Any affiliate found to be using out of date creative can have their sales reversed and risks being removed from the program.

· No Direct Linking. Any affiliate found to be direct linking will have their sales reversed and will be removed from the program.

· Social Media is allowed on a case by case basis. All affiliates must notify and discuss social campaigns with the account manager before beginning a social campaign.

· Downloadable software is allowed on a case by case basis.

· All email affiliates must be can spam compliant. Please contact the program manager for the most up to date suppression list and email creative.

· All affiliates are required to use the most up-to-date creative, and only creative found in network.

• Violation of any of the above terms may result in immediate termination from the Affiliate Program. We reserve the right to reverse commissions in case of any violations.

Last changes were recorded on 02.04.2021

Traffic Sources


Is it allowed to drive immediate search engine traffic directly to the Advertiser’s website without using a pre-landing page? Forbidden
Is it allowed to use the advertiser’s company name as an ad keyword? (# brand_name) Forbidden
Is it allowed to display a contextual advertisement if the user has mistyped the Advertiser’s company name? (# brand_namr) Forbidden
Is it allowed to display a contextual advertisement if the user has specified the Advertiser’s company name and an additional word? (# brand_name_promo) Forbidden
Is it allowed to use the Advertiser’s company name in the header or copy of an advertisement? Needs approval
Is it allowed to use the Advertiser’s company name in the link? (# Allowed
Is contextual advertising allowed on Google? Allowed
Is contextual advertising allowed on Yandex? Allowed
Is contextual advertising allowed on Begun? Allowed

Social Media

Is in-app advertising allowed on social media? Needs approval
Is targeted advertising allowed on social media? Needs approval
Is advertising allowed in public groups on social media? Allowed
Is it allowed to create public groups on behalf of the Advertiser? Needs approval
Is advertising on Facebook allowed? Needs approval
Is advertising on VK allowed? Forbidden
Is advertising on Odnoklassniki ( allowed? Forbidden


Cashback Allowed
PopUp / ClickUnder Needs approval
Doorway pages Needs approval
Email Marketing Needs approval
Brand bidding Forbidden
Incentive Allowed
Toolbar Allowed
Adult Forbidden
Banner-teaser networks Needs approval
YouTube Channel Allowed
API traffic Forbidden
Coupon services Allowed
Messengers Allowed
Loyalty programs Allowed

Last changes were recorded on 24.08.2021

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