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  • EPC 3$
    EPC — average earnings per 100 clicks
  • CR 0.59%
    Conversion rate – the percentage of visits to a publisher’s website that convert to a sale or lead.
  • CR for 48 hours 1.13%
    Average actions-to-clicks ratio for the last 48 hours.
  • Approval rate No data available
    The ratio of confirmed actions to the total number of actions.
  • Cookie lifetime 1 day
    During this period an advertiser allows his cookie to remain active to tie consumer to a program.
  • Avg. hold time No data available
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  • Average payment time No data available
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SNIPES lleva desde 1998 liderando la venta de sneakers y streetwear en Alemania. Gracias a más de 120 tiendas repartidas por los países de habla alemana y a una gran y variada cartera de marcas garantizamos la máxima conciencia de marca.

Nuestro catálogo de productos se basa en las influencias de la cultura juvenil urbana, en su estilo musical particular y en los deportes propios de dicha cultura, así como, lógicamente, en el público destinatario.

Además de sneakers clásicas y ropa, SNIPES comercializa accesorios como gorras, cinturones, relojes, bolsas y mucho más.

La tienda online ofrece una gran selección de productos de este tipo, que se pueden publicitar satisfactoriamente en diferentes modelos de negocio.

Ventajas para el socio comercial:

  • 6% de comisión en todos los pedidos confirmados (neto)/ (TripleA Partner 7%)

3% Voucher Affiliatesde comisión en todos los pedidos confirmados (neto)/ (TripleA Partner 4%)

  • Los Editores de cupones recibirán un 3% de cada venta confirmada.
  • Posibilidad de acordar comisiones individuales a Editores con grandes volúmenes de ventas.
  • “Last Session Entry Tracking”, o sea, Rastreo de entrada de última sesión (la sesión se renueva a los 30 minutos de inactividad)
  • Ciclos de confirmación de venta cortos
  • Material publicitario de alto valor y de gran capacidad de conversión en varios formatos.
  • Feed de producto completo
  • Soporte profesional y personalizado
  • Ofertas atractivas en la tienda online


Ventajas para el cliente final

  • Vasta selección de streetwear como, por ejemplo:
    • Sneakers de todas las marcas conocidas
    • Prendas como chaquetas, pantalones y camisas
    • Accesorios como gorras, mochilas, cordones, productos de limpieza y cuidado de sneakers, cinturones y mucho más.
  • Cupones de descuento, newsletters y ofertas atractivas
  • Catálogo con más de 4.000 artículos
  • Pago fácil, rápido y seguro


Están permitidos los siguientes canales de tráfico:

Content sites, reviews
Marketplace/Comparison sites (bajo aprobación)
Mobile traffic (No pagado)
Cashback sites
Loyalty programs
Coupons, deals, and promocodes
Contextual advertising (sin Brandbidding)
Advertisement in messengers
Targeted advertising in social networks (solo están prohibidas las fanpages)
Apps/Games in social networks
Video advertisements (YouTube and others)
Bloggers and vloggers
SMS mailing lists
Email mailing lists (сon aprobación previa)


The Affiliate claims to have accepted the General Terms and Conditions of the Network of Affiliates through which you request to be part of the SNIPES Affiliate Program.

In addition, you agree to read and accept the following established Terms and conditions by SNIPES. Violation of these conditions or the conditions of the Affiliate Network gives SNIPES SE's right to immediately terminate participation in the

SNIPES affiliates and / or the cancellation of leads and / or sales generated by non-compliance of the rules.

1. Advertising with the SNIPES brand

a. The advertising material offered cannot be altered in any way. Can't access to the SNIPES website directly through a pop up, pop under, frame, iFrame or Layer.

The links provided with the advertising material cannot be modified either.

b. The affiliate may only use the SNIPES name, logo and proprietary brands, as well such as advertising material available through the network for marketing activities of

affiliates. The data is excluded for the use of offline measurements. Furthermore, the use of the name or SNIPES logo for public relations activities and direct marketing measures of any type, especially newsletters, must first be agreed with the Affiliate Management SNIPES and requires prior written consent.

c. Only those promotions and coupons to which you have access through of the Affiliate Network coupon tool and / or those that have been notified to

through the newsletter of the Affiliate Network. Purchases will not be refunded to the Editor paid with gift cards.

d. Posting on the SNIPES fanpage on Facebook is not allowed; doing so will entail expulsion from said page.

e. Sending spam is prohibited. The owner of the email address has accepted explicitly receive email advertising in advance by "opt-in".

In addition, the Editor will be clearly identifiable as the sender so as not to create the impression of it is an email sent by SNIPES. When newsletters are sent and / or email advertising, the explicit consent of SNIPES must be obtained by fax or email.

f. It is not allowed to openly promote the codes for discounts that require register on the page.

g. Applications from Layer partners and banner networks will not be accepted.

h. Cookiedropping and typosquatting are strictly prohibited.

i. The Publisher's website must not contain spyware, adware, malware, viruses or any other type dangerous content for the user. The use of proxy software or services that alter or manipulate URLs and use tracking links. In addition, software or proxy services that replace banner ads with their own ads.

j. Each of the Publisher's websites used for promotional purposes must be transparent. If these conditions are not met, SNIPES reserves the right to terminate to the collaboration agreement (of all campaigns in all countries).

2. SEM

a. The term "SNIPES" cannot be reserved as a keyword in the search engines. search, not even next to other words and / or Group brands. Nor as link of

results, nor as a special reservation outside the results links displayed by the Internet search engines (for example, Adwords Select or premium placements in Google).

b. Furthermore, Affiliates are not allowed to reserve SNIPES SE's own brands as keywords in Google or other search engines.

c. It is also forbidden to reserve keywords that are misspelled or differ only slightly of the original keyword, for example: Snips, Sipes, Snnipes, Snpes (…). Therefore, for advertising through SEM, the SNIPES brand and its variants and typographical errors must be reserved in a negative way through the “Negative Broad” option in order to avoid their inclusion. These misspelled terms and words should not appear in search engines. search. In addition, it is prohibited to use domain names that directly or infringe indirectly the SNIPES brand.

3. General exclusion criteria

Partners who post the following content on their websites will not be eligible to form part of the SNIPES Affiliate Program

• Political, erotic or pornographic content

• Weapons, violence and exaltation of violence

• Positive presentation of drugs, alcohol or tobacco

• Content of criminal relevance

• Insults or content that violates the rights of third parties

Members of the following segments may also not be part of our Program of Affiliates.

• Banner networks

• Sites under construction, pages without content, faulty domains or pages inaccessible

• Newsletter pages

• Operators of e-mail payment systems

• Post view tracking

4. Other requirements for affiliate websites

• Full legal notice

• Page in Spanish language

• Attractive design

5. Others

a. Commission: The Affiliate does not have the right to reveal the amount of the commission agreed with the final client.

b. Affiliates with an individual commission agreement are excluded from all modelsstandard remuneration, bonus scales or special remuneration in the field of


c. Updates: The Affiliate is obliged to guarantee that the data and information provided by SNIPES are complete, correct and current, for example, in relation to promotions.

d. SNIPES reserves the right to terminate an existing membership agreement and / or to retain membership commission.

e. The principle of “Last Session Entry” is used as the tracking method. As soon as he user is in the store, the session is opened and lasts 30 minutes. After 30 minutes of inactivity, a new session is started, which implies the freezing of cookies. The sale will be credited to the first session during the first 30 minutes.

Last changes were recorded on 24.12.2020

Traffic Sources

Social Media

Is in-app advertising allowed on social media? Allowed
Is targeted advertising allowed on social media? Allowed
Is advertising allowed in public groups on social media? Allowed
Is it allowed to create public groups on behalf of the Advertiser? Forbidden
Is advertising on Facebook allowed? Allowed
Is advertising on VK allowed? Allowed
Is advertising on Odnoklassniki ( allowed? Allowed


Cashback Allowed
PopUp / ClickUnder Forbidden
SEM Allowed
Doorway pages Forbidden
Email Marketing Needs approval
Brand bidding Forbidden
Incentive Forbidden
Toolbar Forbidden
Adult Forbidden
Banner-teaser networks Forbidden
YouTube Channel Allowed
API traffic Forbidden

Last changes were recorded on 23.12.2020

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