Adidas BR Affiliate-Programm

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  • EPC 37R$
    EPC — durchschnittliche Einnahmen pro 100 Klicks
  • CR 1.68%
    Konversionsrate — prozentueller Anteil der Besuche der Website eines Publishers, die in Verkäufen oder Leads resultieren.
  • CR für 48 Stunden 0.97%
    Durchschnittliche Aktion-zu-Klicks Rate für die letzten 48 Stunden.
  • Bestätigungsrate 83%
    Das Verhältnis der bestätigten Aktionen zur Gesamtanzahl der Aktionen.
  • Cookie-Laufzeit 30 Tage
    Während dieser Zeitspanne erlaubt ein Advertiser, dass sein Cookie aktiv bleibt, um den Kunden mit einem Programm zu verknüpfen.
  • Ø Bestätigungszeitraum 89 Tage
    Durchschnittliche Zeit, die ein Advertiser benötigt, um Aktionen anzunehmen oder abzulehnen.
  • Ø Zahlungszeitraum 100 Tage
    Durchschnittliche Zeit, die ein Advertiser benötigt, um Aktionen zu bestätigen und zu bezahlen.

Banner und Links

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Standard Affiliate Link

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Warum Admitad?

  • Detail-Analysedaten und nützliche Tools,
  • Express-Auszahlung ohne Gebühren,
  • Gewaltige Variationsbreite von Affiliate-Programmen,
  • als vertrauenswürdig befunden von 935237 Publishern,
  • und vieles mehr.

Dieses Affiliate-Programm ist Teil des Admitad Affiliate-Netzwerks

Um die Arbeit mit dem Programm zu beginnen und Geld zu verdienen, musst Du Dich zunächst im System registrieren.

Adidas offers the most innovative and latest products. For more than seven decades, Adidas has been a synonym of excellence. Clothes, shoes and sports accessories of last generation with more than 3,500 items available.

Advantages for affiliates:

  • Competitive commission 
  • Fast and timely payment
  • commission for coupons and deals sites: 1,53%
  • other sites: 5,38%
  • Yeezy Exclusion List - 0% CPA 
    You will get 0% CPA for referring conversions with these products.

Advantages for customers:

  • Products of the highest quality
  • Great prices and promotions
  • Discounts on products and delivery
  • Easy navigation and quick checkout
  • Different forms of payment and delivery

    Attention! Condition imposed by the advertiser: commission value is calculated over the price of a product with the tax of 21.38% subtracted.


All actions taken in a given month are blocked 1 month and 15 days after the end of the month. Transactions approved in a given month will be paid 15 days after the end of the month.

NONCOMMISSION PRODUCTS - Adidas gift cards are not commissioned.

adidas BR guidelines

  • No news sites – unless previously approved by adidas.
  • No private groups
  • No telegram or whatsapp groups
  • No blogspot sites
  • Instagram, Facebook and Twitter only accounts with more than 1000 followers – ensuring social profiles do not share any sensitive information that could be offensive to an audience (i.e. political, racial, religious content…)
  • Sites up to date, with working links and suitable content clean design and friendly user experience.
  • Website features competitor or complementary brands or products (nice to have, but not necessary)
  • A valid and working URL
  • Professional, high quality website, social media account, or mobile app
  • No personal profiles that have less than 10.000 followers and display themselves smoking, drinking, or any other sensitive images.  

Allowed Verticals:

  • Sneakerheads
  • Football
  • Running
  • Women’s apparel
  • Wellbeing
  • Sustainability
  • Loyalty
  • Coupons/Deals

PPC GUIDELINES If you are enrolled in our Program and participate in PPC advertising, you should follow the PPC guidelines as follows:

1. You must not make a bid on any of our trademark terms, including any variations or misspellings contained therein in searches or content that are based on Google, MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, or any other campaigns on social networks.

2. You must not use the terms of our trademark together with another keyword (e.g. adidas Coupons).

3. You must not use the terms of our trademark in your ad title, ad copy, display name, or display URL.

4. You must not direct the link to our site from any Pay Per Click ad or use redirects that produce the same result. Affiliates should be directed to an actual page of your site.

5. You can not make an offer that appears higher than Adidas in search results placed between 1-5 positions in any type of pay-per-click advertising program auction. If you automate your PPC campaigns, it is your responsibility to exclude our trademark terms from your program, and we suggest you add the terms of our trademarks as negative keywords. We have a strict zero tolerance policy on trademark PPC bidding.

List of forbidden keywords


You CANNOT post offers that create a fake impression that a user needs to click it on your site in order to obtain a benefit or a discount. For example, if every item on your site has free shipping for purchases over $ 100, you can't turn it into an offer that a customer needs to click on your site to get it.

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