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bunq - Bank of The Free

Who are we?

We are the bank that makes life easy. Built in and for the 21st century, we give people total control over their money using just their phone. Forget everything you know about banks. The future is bunq. 

We are a full-fledged Dutch bank launched in 2015, available across all EU countries, Norway and Iceland. We are one of the fastest growing FinTech in Europe - our products and services are officially available in 6 languages - English, Dutch, German, French, Italian and Spanish. We look forward to working with all types of publishers, apply to joint today and start earning great rewards!

We have 5 different memberships available for you to promote: 

  • Premium: Make life easy with a bank account that makes your finances insightful and fun, so you can just enjoy life and not worry about money.
  • Joint: A modern Joint bank account, giving you full control of what’s private and what’s shared. All the benefits of bunq Premium, for you and your partner(s).
  • Business: The business bank account built to save you time, every time. Never deal with paperwork, branch visits, or bureaucracy ever again, and get the freedom to focus on what’s truly important: your business.
  • Travel Card: The best card to travel the world. All the benefits of a credit card, without the burden of debt, without any monthly fees.
  • Green Card: A simple metal card that lets you make the world greener, without any effort. Ever time you use it, we plant a tree. 
  • Premium - (€3,8 - first card ordered, €7,6 - first card activated)
  • Joint - (€3,8- first card ordered, €7,6- first card activated)
  • Business - (€7,6- first card ordered, €15,3 - first card activated)
  • Travel Card - (€7,6- first card ordered)
  • Green Card - (€19,2 - first card ordered)

             Here   you can find templates for your email marketing promotion and also product & brand brief.

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By applying and running traffic for campaign(s) under bunq Affiliate Program, you agree to the standard bunq affiliate program terms. 

  1. As a bunq Affiliate you will generate leads by directing traffic from your website or platform to the bunq app in mobile app stores, our website www.bunq.com and its subdomains, and refer potential users to bunq.
  2. In order to accurately keep track of all leads and traffic from your website or platform to bunq, you will need to use tracking links provided by bunq on the affiliate platform for all bunq-related outings. You can request more tracking links in addition to the links that come with the offer(s) by sending an email to affiliates@bunq.com.

  3. You will only use creatives and designs provided or approved by bunq. You will not use any other materials or content without prior approval of bunq.
  4. bunq will compensate you for each referred user if the following conditions are met:
    (i) The referred user has downloaded the bunq app from a direct referral from your website or platform, successfully signed up and is approved;
    (ii) The referred user is not already a bunq customer and has not already been referred by another Affiliate;
    (iii) You have not breached any of the requirements or your obligations under these Terms and Conditions or applicable laws.

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Traffic Sources

PopUp / ClickUnder Allowed
SEM Allowed
Doorway pages Needs approval
Email Marketing Needs approval
Brand bidding Needs approval
Social Media Needs approval
Incentive Needs approval
Toolbar Needs approval
Adult Forbidden
Banner-teaser networks Allowed
YouTube Channel Allowed
API traffic Needs approval

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